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Our school Governing Body is made up of Parent, Staff, Local Authority and Co-opted Governors. Our Governors may come to us through a variety of routes and with a range of different backgrounds, skills and experiences, but they are all volunteers who work together for the benefit of the School and are the link between the School and the community it serves.The Governing Body takes a strategic role, acting as a critical friend to the school and is accountable for its decisions. It sets aims and objectives and agrees, monitors and reviews polices, targets and priorities.  
Parents wishing to put themselves forward as Governors have the opportunity to do so when a Parent Governor's term of office expires.  In the instance an election will be held, if there are more nominations than places vacant. 

What we look for in our Governors

• An interest in the performance of the school.

• A desire to contribute to and represent the community.

• An open and enquiring mind

• The ability to look at issues objectively

• The confidence to ask questions and join in debate.

• A willingness to listen and make informed judgements

• The ability to work well with others

What we offer

Being a Governor can be enjoyable, stimulating and rewarding. It can also offer:

• A chance to develop skills in strategic management

• The opportunity to work with our team of governors and staff in improving our School

• Training to develop an understanding of specific School management issues

• A sense of achievement in making a difference to our School

• The pleasure of helping students reach their potential

The Governing Body's Role

The Governing Body has three main functions:

• Setting strategic direction - championing our vision, values and ethos and setting priorities for school improvement

• Holding to account – we are responsible for holding the Headteacher and Senior Leaders to account for the quality of teaching and learning, levels of achievement, behaviours and safety.

• Ensuring good financial governance – ensuring good financial management by setting and overseeing the budget, ensuring that resources are allocated to school priorities and needs In practice though, we are best described as a ‘critical friend’.

The Headteacher has overall responsibility for the internal organisation, management and control of the school and for Fairfield First that means creating an environment where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential: children, staff and our families. The Governing Body is there to provide a framework which helps the Headteacher to deliver the aims and vision of the school and enables him to reach his potential through the right mix of support and challenge.

The Governing Body works together as a team:

• The Governing Body meets approx. each half-term

• All Governors cover a range of information, including Finance, Premises, Curriculum, Standards, Personnel and Health & Safety There is tried and tested training and support available to help you, including an induction programme and training

Our LA Clerk to the Governors is Mrs Claire Wing. You can contact her through the School Office at office@fairfield.worcs.sch.uk

If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more, our LA Clerk to the Governors is Mrs Claire Wing. You can contact her through the School Office at office@fairfield.worcs.sch.uk


Our Current Governors

Name and Role

Pen Portrait 

Mrs Lynn Ball; Co-opted Governor; Chairperson

I have been a parent Governor since 2013. I have a daughter who went to Fairfield and have very much enjoyed being part of the school community since she started. On a personal note, I am extremely passionate about education and have over 20 years teaching experience. The majority of my career has been spent in various roles across two large primary schools. More recently, I have taken a post as a part-time teacher at a small village school closer to home. 

Neil Edwards; Co-opted Governor; Vice Chair


I have been a co-opted Governor for seral years. My 3 children came through Fairfield and i really love the feeling and ethos of the school. I come into school when I can to help out, which is really enjoyable. I am also on the Eco and Outdoor Learning committee which is a really enjoyable thing to do with the children. 

Shirley Webb; Local Authority Governor

I was delighted to be asked to join the board of governors as the local authority representative. Fairfield is a wonderful school and I enjoy working with all the members. I am a first time school governor but have been a local councillor for many years and a county councillor since May 2017. I have a young daughter myself and hope my input will prove valuable. 

Danielle Skyrme; Teacher; Staff Governor 


I am delighted to have re-joined the governing body at Fairfield. I feel honoured to have been given the opportunity to continue to mould the school, whilst building upon the successes the school has already achieved. I have been in the teaching profession for over 15 years. My journey at Fairfield began over a decade ago when I took up a teaching position in the Early Years, shortly after I had just had my son. My intention was to be at Fairfield temporarily, however, eleven years later, and I am still here! There truly is something very unique about our school and I feel passionate that all children have the potential to be extraordinary. I want to foster a love of life-long learning for all pupils here at Fairfield, and I am committed to our collaborative vision that all children should Aim high, work hard, have fun and care for others.

Jessica Dunkley; Parent Governor


I live in Fairfield with my husband, two daughters and our dog. Our eldest daughter already attends Fairfield First School and our youngest should join her this year. I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and became a Parent Governor when the school appealed for a Governor with a financial background. I look forward to being a part of Fairfield for the years to come hopefully offering a local, parental and financial view.

Clare Dunlop, Co-opted Governor

I have recently joined the board as a co-opted governor. I have lived in Fairfield for 25th years and have been happily involved with Fairfield First School as a parent, teacher and grandparent. I’m thrilled to now have the opportunity to support the school as a governor and I’m hoping my educational knowledge and local  community background will make me a useful member of the board.

Richard Brookes, Parent Governor 

I’m the most recent addition to the board of governors, and I’m delighted to be contributing to the group and to Fairfield First School. My son started school in 2021, and I was really impressed with the School, its ethos and the dedication of the staff. When a gap appeared on the board I was keen to contribute. I’ve lived in Bromsgrove for almost 10 years and as a Chartered Health and Safety professional I felt I had much to offer the board, and I’m looking forward to supporting the school.

Scott Smith; Headteacher 


I have been the very proud headteacher at Fairfield since 2013. It is a great school that receives lots of support from our local community. Our Governors are a dedicated body with a broad range of skills and experiences. All embers of the Governing Body take pride in ensuring that we offer the best possible provision for all of our families. 
Claire Wing; Clerk to the Governors  


Full Name

Position/Governor Role

Term of Office

Date of appointment

Appointed by (in accordance with Governing Board’s instrument of Governance)

Relationships with School staff

Relevant business & Pecuniary interests

Other establishments they govern

Lynn Ball




Co-opted by Governing Body




Neil Edwards

Vice Chair



Co-Opted by Governing Body




Shirley Webb

Local Authority



Local Authority


Worcestershire County Councillor

Chadsgrove School

Jessica Dunkley








Danielle Skyrme




Elected by Staff

Employed as a Teacher



Claire Dunlop




Co-opted by Governing Body

Parent of TA



Richard Brookes








Scott Smith





Head Teacher



Claire Wing Clerk N/A 01/05/21 Governing Body None None None


1. The name of the school is Fairfield First SCHOOL

2. The school is a COMMUNITY SCHOOL.

3. The name of the governing body is "The governing body of Fairfield School".

4. The governing body shall consist of:

  • a. Two parent governors
  • b. One LA governor
  • c. One staff governor
  • d. One headteacher
  • e. Four co-opted governors

5. Total number of governors 9

6. This instrument of government comes into effect on 1 st September 2014

7. This instrument was made by order of Worcestershire Local Authority on 1 September 2014.

8. This instrument was amended at 4a and e by order of Worcestershire Local Authority on 7 th October 2021.

9. A copy of the instrument must be supplied to every member of the governor body (and the headteacher if not a governor), any trustees and to the appropriate religious body.

Please find below all relevant documents and visit reports

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