Our Curriculum

    Design Technology

    Design Technology is a crucial part of the curriculum which will allow our children to become self-motivated and confident learners, who can work independently and as part of a team.

    The main aim is to ensure that learners develop technical and practical competencies, as well as the wider skills valued by employers.

    Our priority at Fairfield is for our children to be problem solvers who are not afraid of making mistakes.

    We hope our children will become responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

    Fairfierld First School firmly believes that students learn best by ‘doing’ and by allowing them to experiment and take risks, in a safe and positive learning environment. This is achieved through imaginative teaching that takes place indoors and out. At the heart of this, is the desire to deliver a curriculum in which children express creativity through designs and produce high quality outcomes.

    D & T is a foundation subject in the National Curriculum. Through our creative curriculum, we aim to develop meaningful learning opportunities linking in with an in-depth project, for children to take ownership and see a project from design to production. This is in line with the National Curriculum objectives and the key skills reflect the varying processes children will experience in order to achieve chosen objectives.

    In the Early Years Foundation Stage – Design and Technological skills are developed as part of a wider topic based approach. We provide a range of experiences that encourage exploration, observation, problem solving, critical thinking and discussion. These activities, indoors and outdoors, attract the children’s interest and curiosity.

    All teachers are delivering the subject through a topic led approach in order to ensure that child-centred learning is achieved. This means at times, taking a step back and letting children lead their own way into experimentation and discoveries in this subject. Consistent communication, reviewing and gathering of evidence is imperative in order to ensure that the creative curriculum is well managed.

    Children are able to improvise, adapt overcome problems. They feel supported and secure in making mistakes and understand they do not need to aim for perfection.

    Children are able to combine their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding, in order to design, make, analyse and evaluate products of high quality.

    Children express their own creativity through their designs and are more socially confident to give their opinions.

    Children seem to enjoy this area of learning and perceive it as “the norm” when outdoors! Our outdoors learning sessions provide holistic opportunities for children to acquire the skills needed to be a wonderful architect, graphic designer, chef, fashion designers, engineer or builder!

    Vocabulary is a focal point of this subject. We carefully map out the vocabulary we want children to learn and embed every term. Each teacher carefully plans for this in advance and there is a strong emphasis on this.

    Our DT curriculum enhances the ethos of positive, rewarding and respectful relationships. Collaboration is key when engaging in this subject and we whole-heartedly encourage our children to support and champion one another, as well as developing the skills to become a “critical friend” too.

    In our ever changing world, it is important that children are afforded the time to become fully immersed in DT in order to not only gain skills, but have time to par-take in hands-on and enjoyable learning! This subject is loved by many of our children and helps children’s positive mind-set and well-beings. Children are proud of their accomplishments and understand how to keep themselves safe.


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