Play Leaders

Our Play Leaders are representatives of Year 3 and Year 4 children who have successfully completed applications and been shortlisted for the role of Play Leader within school. The children will have the opportunity to work with existing Play leaders, develop their leadership skills, in addition to undertaking dedicated Play Leader training. The children all recognise the importance of being organised through prior planning of activities and ensuring they have the correct equipment for the chosen activities. The Play Leaders meet weekly to organise the rota and discuss ideas for activities which are then delivered during the lunchtime break helping to keep children across the school entertained and active whilst minimising potential disputes, utilising this time during the day in a positive way.

Play Leaders are easily recognisable to other members of the school community in their bright yellow vests with Play Leader printed on the back and are enthusiastically approached by the younger children within school. 


By running a Play Leader programme we aim to:

  • Develop leadership skills including organisation, communication, cooperation and a sense of responsibility.
  • Provide older children the opportunity to work with younger children with a particular focus on citizenship. 
  • Eliminate the potential for play ground incidents.
  • Return children to the classroom with increased concentration helping to raise and maintain achievement across the school.
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle and help to reduce the problems associated with obesity.
  • Support all members of staff on the playground during lunchtime break and promote safe use of the adventurous play equipment and other dedicated zones.

Our Play Leader scheme is monitored by Mrs Oldershaw and Mrs Yeomans who meet regularly with the children to ensure that Play leaders are choosing and organising age appropriate games. The children also have an opportunity to raise suggestions and address any issues which may have arisen during sessions. 


Our continuing Play Leaders for this academic year are:

Erin, Scarlett, Lawton, Oliver, Hollie and Isabella.

With our new successful applicants:

Freya, Poppy, Darcey, Quincy, Martha, Tom, Amber, Ollie, Olly, Grace, Evie, Gracie May, Imogen, Darcy, Sienna and Allana.

Our Playleaders enjoyed a training session at school giving them the tools they need to provide engaging, fun and safe activities. 

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Future plans:

Survey by Play Leaders asking children within school for their constructive opinions of the Play Leader provision to inform future planning of activities.