School to School Support


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As a Bromsgrove and wider district school, we have worked to develop the
educational experiences and outcomes for the children in our school by
working collaboratively with other local schools for a number of years.
This has enabled us to develop strong links to support transition between
schools and an equal experience for our children. As the educational
landscape changes nationally, with a focus on schools working more
formally together alongside a reduced service from Local Authorities/
County Councils, we have formalised our collaborative work within the
Bromsgrove District to create closer links and working relationships
between our schools. Each of the twenty-one Bromsgrove District schools
works within a small group of schools and is also as part of the wider
Bromsgrove Learning Network. Our vision is outlined below.

Bromsgrove Learning Network- Our Vision

To work collaboratively, in the supportive and challenging capacity of
school improvement, to ensure that all schools in the network are provided
with systems and support that enable them to maintain strong provision and

As part of our development as a school we are pleased to be a member of
this collaboration. The mantra of this partnership is quality school to
school support across schools. As a team of leaders, middle leaders,
teachers, administrators, learning assistants and governors, we are all
striving to provide the best possible learning opportunities and outcomes
for the children in our care.The children gain from the shared expertise
of staff across the network and wider opportunities within the network for
collaborative experiences.By supporting each other across Bromsgrove we
are able to ensure that our staff are up to date in terms of knowledge and
understanding, as well as pedagogy and practice and pupils receive the
best education possible. As a group of school leaders we feel strongly
that together we will ensure that Bromsgrove remains an excellent place
for children to learn.



School to School Review - 14th March 2018