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Native Americans


What happened when the settlers arrived?


This term, we will learn about the people who lived in North America long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus and the Europeans. These people and cultures are called Native Americans. We will study some of their history and geography, focusing on their art, music, culture and beliefs.



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In English, we will investigate Native American poetry, stories and myths, especially their dream stories. 


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In maths, we will continue to develop our understanding of the four operations and practise recording our calculations using different methods including the formal methods of column addition and subtraction. We will also continue learning about fractions, utilising the use of a bar model to We will continue to use the concrete, pictoral and abstract model of learning that develops a deep and sustainable understanding of maths in pupils. 

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Please continue to encourage your children to learn their times tables. A little and often approach is the best way to ensure secure knowledge of the multiplication and division facts and these can be practised on the Times Table Rockstar Website.

Click on the image below to start playing now...

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For our science this term, we are continuing to work scientifically to investigate and learn about:

  • Animals, including Humans 
  • Habitats and Living Things
  • Teeth

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In our Learning Outside the Classroom sessions (usuallyThursday afternoons) we will be concentrating on: 

Bush Craft – fire building/fire safety/campfire cooking

Survival – first aid, tracking, natural foods

Water - the water cycle, filtration and having clean water

Shelter Building – manmade and natural

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We will continue to run the Daily Mile, so please remember to have trainers in school every day for whatever the weather!

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PE this tem will be athletics, cricket, rounders as well as our bell boating trips.

Please ensure that PE kits are in school every day.

Thank you!

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