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It's Summer Time in Oak Class



Our topic is  



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Our work will be based on the popular picture book, 'The Jolly Postman' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg



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Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be exploring the different fairy tale characters in the story and the moral dilemmas that they face. We will discuss the characteristics of different characters and the characters that we like and dislike. 

Communication and Language

We will think of questions that we would ask different characters and act out an interview with the big bad wolf and Goldilocks. We will also be doing 'show and tell' this half term too. Each group will have their turn each week. 


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We will be writing for a purpose this half term. There will be cards, invitations, letters, posters and postcards to write. The children will be encouraged to write letters to each other and post them in our class postbox. We will also be writing stories based on our favourite fairy tales.

Physical Development

We will be learning cricket skills with Mr Evenson on a Wednesday and yoga and relaxation techniques too. We will continue to practise our fine motor skills to help our cursive handwriting to improve. Our cutting skills are getting a lot better too.


We will be continuing to get a real sense of numbers 1-20. We will counting, ordering, writing and adding with them. We will be counting in 2's and 10's and finding number bonds to 10. We will be doing some data handling to find out what the class's favourite breakfast is and weighing parcels in our class post office.

Understanding the World

We will be looking into the job of a postman and other people who help us. We will be finding out our addresses and how our post finds us. We will find out about different methods of transport and following maps.



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Expressive Arts and Design

We will be designing a wedding dress for Cinderella, making gingerbread for Hansel and Gretel and making our own stamps and wrapping paper. As well as exploring colour mixing and playing untuned percussion instruments.


We will be very busy.


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