Holly Class

     Welcome to Holly Class!


London, it's the place for me!

Our topic this term is: 'London, it's the place for me!' We will be delving into the past and looking at:


  • Chronology - what events happened when in the great fire?
  • Understanding how the fire started?
  • Looking at why the fire spread so quickly
  • Writing a first person diary entry in the style of Samuel Pepys
  • Looking carefully at how London changed as a result of the fire

We will also be looking at the text/visual text of Paddington:


​The children will be writing their own character description and Paddington narrative!



The children received a special delivery in Holly class and are currently looking after a bear called Paddington for someone!  They also found a bag of historical artefacts that tell us about the 'Great Fire of London'.  The children are learning a lot about the past through different creative methods...