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Divorced,beheaded, died, divorced,beheaded, survived!

Our topic this term is: 'the monarchy and how it has changed from Henry VIII's reign until now!' We will be delving into the past and looking at:


  • What is a portrait?
  • Chronology - what are the main events in Henry's life?
  • Understanding why Henry VIII divorced Catherine and married Anne.
  • Writing a first person diary entry in the style of Catherine Mortimer (a character from the text 'King Henry VIII's shoes')
  • Looking carefully at evidence to understand what life was like for rich,poor and yeomans during the Tudor period
  • Designing our own Tudor pouch and evaluate it against a specific criteria.

We will also be looking at the text by Karen Wallace 'King Henry VIII's shoes':


​The children will be writing their own diary entry, narrrative and poems!


The children received a special delivery in Holly class and are currently trying to discover who a pair of shoes found in Harvington Hall could belong to?  The children are learning a lot about the past through different creative methods...