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Beech Class

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Here in Beech Class we are really excited to be learning about:


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For our final half term in Beech class we are going to investigate into how we can embrace Stewardship and look after our planet! We are going to be investigating into the impact that pollution has on the ocean and land. The children will begin with a stunning starter - discovering a fly-tip in our beautiful grounds! They will investigate the materials of the junk, name and sort them. We will then create a boat -that must float one of their toys from home! This will be an important task for our STEM morning!

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In Maths we are focusing on the four key operations Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. As well as, telling the time, making totals with money and giving change and sequencing events. 


In PE we are embracing golf and athletics. 


Look out for photos of us on Twitter to keep up to date with our learning.

Thank you for supporting your children at home - Beech staff really appreciate it!





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Our children will be creating a fashion show using recyclable items!

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