Beech Class

Autumn term in 

Beech Class

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Summer flew by!

Here in Beech Class we are really excited to be learning about:



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We have lots of exciting things planned.  We have had a mystery visitor leaving clues around the school!  What could it be?  We have had messages from Danny the Paleontologist asking us to find his lost dinosaurs!   We have our very own Dino Cave in the classroom where we can read lovely stories or chat quietly with our friends. 


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We are reading the story, Stone Girl, Bone Girl in our English lessons.  This tells us the story of Mary Anning.  Do you know who Mary Anning is?

She is remembered as being one of the most famous fossil hunters. 

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In our Learning Outside the Classroom lessons, we shall be acting as paleontologists and archeologists, excavating and digging for dinosaur bones.


In Maths we are practising counting forwards and backwards and starting to count in 2s.  Our Year 2 children are getting really good at their times tables (2, 5, 10).  We are learning about place value and are starting to represent numbers in different ways.   


Remember to speed read your phonic sounds in your green folders as we are learning new sounds every day.


We are becoming fit and strong by taking part in Zumba dance lessons this term as well as refining our basic skills in throwing and catching.  We will be playing team games to apply our skills and to win as many housepoints as we can!