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Public Notice:

Consultation on the Proposed Expansion to 1FE of Fairfield First School




In 2017 the County Council began discussions to increase the number of places available in Bromsgrove First Schools in recognition of an anticipated higher than average number of pupils entering the reception year in September 2016. As a result of these discussions, all parties agreed that the time is now right to consider an expansion to increase Fairfield First School from 23 pupils per year up to 30 per year.

Worcestershire County Council, as the Local Authority responsible for education provision, has a statutory responsibility to make sure that there are sufficient school places for all children in Worcestershire who wish to attend a state funded school. State funded schools are those which are maintained by the Local Authority or receive funding direct from the government, such as Academies and Free Schools. Ensuring that there are sufficient places is known as Basic Need.

Fairfield First School is graded 'Good' by Ofsted and demand for places remains high. The expansion would give a much greater chance for local children to be admitted and allow the school to better manage single aged classes.


Have Your Say

In accordance with the guidance document from the Department for Education – Making 'prescribed alterations' to maintained schools (April 2016), a further consultation into expansion of Fairfield First School is now underway in which anyone with an interest can express their views. The Public Consultation (Autumn 2018) document can be viewed on the County Council website at Your comments are most welcome and can be made using the online form which is also available via this website link.

If you know of other persons who may be interested in this proposal, please forward them details accordingly.


Procedure for Responses

Please note that this four week consultation period commences on Monday 12th November 2018 and that responses must be received by noon on Friday 7th December 2018.

Anyone wishing to respond to this proposal can either:

Submit your comments by completing the online response form via the above website link

Or write to


Provision Planning & Accommodation Team

Ref: Fairfield First School Expansion Proposals

Children, Families and Communities

PO Box 73




Or e-mail


At the conclusion of this consultation period the Local Authority will consider evidence from the various sources in order to reach a considered view on the merits of the proposal, in particular:


  • The quality of current education provision at the school
  • How the proposed expansion might improve quality at the school
  • Demand for places at the school or in the local area
  • The cost and feasibility of required building works
  • The response to the public consultation.


Any objections to the proposal will be considered on behalf of the Local Authority by the Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Education & Skills before a final decision is made on whether to proceed with the proposal.



Public Notice - Expansion of Fairfield First School

Public Consultation - Proposed Expansion of Fairfield First School